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Homes for Sale with a MIssion & VISION;

Provide affordable living alternatives to families, singles, and seniors.  Mini-Homes for lease or purchase.  Lots for lease with lake amenities. Here at and Homes for sale


When you lease with us, you are a part of a community of like-minded individuals. Affordable retirement home or weekend cottage.  Homes for sale.


2 Phase building process. Homes for sale

An affordable retirement home for age 55 and up.

A family community with water sports and activities.

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building a community where everyone has a place.

Friendships are like FAMILY

Deer roam the grounds freely, Great American Eagles and Red Tailed hawks glide the skies, and seasonal geese and ducks appear on the lake.  Trophy-sized bass, crappie, bream, and catfish, all sized boats are allowed.  The property has a boat launch, and covered boat stalls available for yearly rental with battery recharging outlet.  

Homes for sale - We invite you to visit and finalize plans for your rural retreat. Affordable retirement home; getaway cottage; at

Transition with us to add East Texas Cottages to Crockett Family Resort.  Cottages for lease or purchase - an affordable retirement home.  Homes for sale. Come grow with us while there is availability. A lake location away from metropolitan problems but close enough for visits,. Accommodations for family weekends or extended stay visits: RV, air conditioned cabins, rooms with kitchens, or mini homes.  With access to lake frontage and views, this could be your piece of this world's heaven without the up-keep.

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Sunny day, lake waterfront fun activities with tubes and lake swimming, boating, and fishing with a background view of tall pine and oak trees.

Beautiful Scenery

Families can enjoy the amenities of Crockett Family Resort from privately purchased cottages or rentals. Affordable retirement home, Weekend cottage. Homes for sale;